BURNETT is an integral member of the development team from the earliest stages of project planning onward, because successful projects need to be conceived for target markets, designed to reflect their preferences, and differentiated from their competitive set.

BURNETT provides developers, architects, land planners, legal counsel and hotel operators with market-driven input at key decision points throughout the development process. That quality—and clarity—of market insight is based on decades of first-hand experience selling to the highest-end buyers, conceiving and executing national and international marketing strategies through multiple market cycles, and benchmarking projects throughout the world.

Specific areas of concentration include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Market Intelligence Review
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Capital Structuring
  • Product Definition
  • Pricing and Absorption
  • Masterplanning Input
  • Work-out strategies
  • Club Membership Input
  • Amenity Selection
  • Amenity Designer selection
  • Team Development
  • Bulk Disposition and Exit Strategies
  • HOA and Property Management Input
  • Hotel Operator selection and negotiation

The caliber of projects that BURNETT represents draw from both domestic and international markets, which require strategies, tactics, sales channels and tools tailored to individual markets and executed simultaneously.

BURNETT has years of experience leading successful marketing strategies throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America and has a deep understanding of how best to reach individual markets.

To craft and execute these strategies BURNETT assembles a team from the industry’s foremost communications professionals—graphic designers, media buyers, internet marketers, public relations experts, and others–and leads them in a collaborative development of a comprehensive strategy, including:

  • Project Visioning
  • Consumer Research
  • Competitive Set Benchmarking
  • Target Market Profiling
  • Marketing Team Recruitment
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Brand Alliances
  • Sales Tool Creation
  • Broker Outreach
  • International Sales Channels
  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Founder Strategies
  • Lead Generation Tactics
  • Direct Marketing
  • Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • Life-of-Project Budgeting
  • Project Timelines
  • Reporting / CRM Systems

The sales phase consists of executing the tactics of the Marketing Strategy to generate qualified leads, putting in place the right Sales Executives to convert prospects to buyers, supporting them with training, systems and hands-on management, and continuously fine tuning tactics to improve results.

BURNETT can build and manage the day-to-day sales of its projects, or function as a “Super Coach” for the developer’s existing sales team, depending on the needs of each project. When building its own team BURNETT recruits its Sales Executives for each project individually, in order to insure that individuals are well matched to the projects they are selling. In both cases the goal is to build Sales & Marketing capabilities for each project that will be self-sustaining and can transition, once the project is completed, into a lucrative, ongoing brokerage company for the Sponsor.

  • Sales & Support Team Recruiting
  • Team Training
  • Internal Systems and Protocols
  • On-Site Tour Sequencing
  • Inventory Release Strategies
  • Presentation Scripting
  • Designer Selection
  • Design Center Coordination
  • Sales Center Coordination
  • Model & FFE Package Guidance
  • In-market Sales Events
  • Feeder Market Roadshows
  • Sales Channel Management
  • Waitlist Metrics and Conversion
  • Sales Documentation Coordination
  • Closing Supervision
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Post Sale Marketing Tactics