BURNETT PARTNERS works with select developers, private equity groups, iconic hotel brands and ultra high net worth owners to define, market and sell the residential real estate in the world’s premier resort communities. The firm refines development visions, creates and executes international marketing strategies, and spearheads sales.

Founding Partner Robert Burnett has amassed a wealth of expertise and relationships over the course of 35 years working on billions of dollars in projects throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. He and his teams have been the unseen force behind many of the most innovative and successful projects in the industry: the world’s first residential ocean liner…the largest condominium tower ever built in New York…the resort that achieved the highest average sales prices in the Caribbean…the most exclusive Founder program ever launched, and more.

BURNETT clients access unmatched insight into the ultra premium market, a deep grasp of the multifaceted development process, and an international perspective that represents a lifetime of professional focus. The firm accepts a handful of clients, immerses itself in their projects, and adds continuous value from early conceptual planning through to sellout.